Cock Fighting Still Legal

I was surprised when I over heard part of a conversation at the super market the other day.

Someone was saying cock fighting was still legal in the United States.

I googled it later during the day, and again, to my surprise they were right.

This is what I found:

There is no federal law outlawing cock fighting. 47 states do have laws making cock fighting illegal in the particular state, but 3 states have no law banning the practice.

And guess what cock fight goes on every day. On the weekend the event draws large crowds. Kids and all.

The time has come to prohibit this cruel practice at the federal level.

Truth be told, they have tried before. But there is big money behind it.

The cock fighting industry, yes, there is a cock fighting industry, is a billion dollar a year industry.

If we do a simple math that’s $333 million per state. If all 50 states had legal cock fighting, the industry could be an $17 billion dollar industry.

That is more money than twice of the annual budget of some large county in the United States.

And that’s without counting the illegal gambling that goes during the event card. Cock fighting is like boxing.   There is a card every night. But the big night is Saturday night.

The last time Congress tried to pass a bill to prohibit the practice, the cock fighting aficionados spend over $250,000.00 in lobbying efforts to block the passage of the bill.  Most of that money went to Senator Lott. At the time he was Senate Majority Leader. For 7 months he did not let the bill go to the Senate floor for a vote.

The aficionado side argues that the sport, they call it sport, is brutal but not cruel. That is one alternative opinion, based on alternative facts, in my honest opinion.

On the other side you have all the non-profit animal rights organizations, like the the Humane Society and others.

Aficionados argue that the events are fun. A good time for the whole family. That is a tradition.

Bare knuckle fighting is entertaining. Dog fighting is entertaining.

Cock fighting has a long history. But so do all the other blood sports we have come to realized are cruel, and torturous for the animals.

The question is, do we wish to inflict pain and suffering on animals for our entertainment?

If you answer yes, then legal the game will stay, if you answer, no, then laws have to be introduced and passed to make it illegal.